Product Description

Product Description

Instantly Contactless Sharing Social media LOST FOUND Phone NFC Keychain




Want to improve your networking and impress everyone you meet?

Let us introduce this NFC Bubble tag tag, the fastest way to share any of your social links just by tapping phones.

NFC Bubble tag is the fastest way to share your social media and contact info! The other person doesn’t need an app or a software

to receive your info.


A wide range of colors for your choice

MOQ only 10pcs for stock color

MOQ only 100pcs for custom Logo


The phone nfc tag helps individuals and organizations combine their physical and digital social worlds smart business card


making it easy to share all your socials and any other online presence you may have including payment apps and music playlists. No

App Required to Scan. Easier for others to add your info straight into their contacts and choose the online platforms they’d like

to follow to stay connected to you.


No App Required to Scan




Instantly share your social networks, contact information, payment information, music and weblinks with a simple tap. Best of all,

the other person doesn’t need the any Social App to receive your information or add you to their contacts!

This NFC Bubble tag is not only for phones, it can be placed on any surface. This includes phone cases(over and under a case is

totally fine! We’ve tested with thick cases), shop windows, laptops, cars, restaurant tables, travel luggage, office settings,



Yep! You can link virtually anything with this NFC bubble Tags!


Easily share your socials just with 1 tap!

Stay connected on the go

The new way to connect

The new way to network





Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof, MINI TAG, social media NFC

Communication Interface


Customized support

Customized logo, Customized packing

Place of Origin




Brand Name





ISO 14443A


epoxy resin

Standard size

30mm round, 32mm round, 35mm round; 28x28mm square,
35x35mm square; 40x25mm rectangular or customized size


Plain white or printed

Model Number

epoxy anti metal tag


round , rectangle, square(custom)


0-3cm(depend on reader)


Share social medias contact profiles

Product name

Digital Business Card NFC Tag Phone Accessory That Instantly Shares Social Media, Music, Contact Info and More

Slot hole punch


UID number printing

laser or inkject printnig


144bytes or customized with larger memory


Detailed Photos

Packaging & Shipping


Company Profile

Welcome to GETSMART!

GETSMART is a leading RFID company that offers 1 of the world’s largest selections of RFID Products across all RFID technologies. We carry a large selection of RFID hardware including cards, tags, and readers that cover a broad range of frequencies and offer specialty RFID cards and tags that are designed to meet the various needs of every industry.

GETSMAR is a RFID Company With Over 12 Years of Innovation

When choosing GETSMART as your RFID products provider you gain the benefit of our experience. With over 12 years of experience and over 100 big brands working with us in more than 40 countries, we bring you peace of mind knowing our engineers right down to our sales staff are knowledgeable and can provide you with a reliable RFID solution, quality RFID hardware and customized software, quicker than our competitors. With the efforts contributed by all members in our group over the past 10years,GETSMART GROUP is proud of being a leading manufacturer and exporter of Smart cards , RFID Tags, and PVC cards. We specialize in OEM and ODM projects, manufacturing all types of Contactless Smart Cards(LF, HF, and UHF), RFID Tags (like NFC tags, HF labels), PVC cards(magnetic strip cards, telecom cards), and providing smart cards applications in different industry across the globe. Our specialty RFID tags are designed for any business need including tags that withstand high temperature, are waterproof, rugged, work with metal environments or hazardous environment, used specifically for medical applications and much, much more We are looking forward to providing our service for you.

We have 2 production factories in HangZhou and HangZhou; 3 sales offices in Hongkong, HangZhou and HangZhou. Strictly according to the production standards of Visa, Master Card, China Union Pay, etc. Our factory builds up ISO standard production lines with the First class production equipments and workshops. With our factory facilities in China, 40,000-square-meter manufacturing site, 1,000 skilled work force and sophisticated machinery, each month we can produce 60million pcs PVC cards per month, 10million smart cards and 10million RFID tags. We have every step strictly controlled from designing, film checking, printing, lamination, apprearance checking, testing, and packaging to shipping as quality is 1 of the main factors that have driven our growth fast in the past.

To Be Your Best Contact in Smart Cards, RFID cards, RFID tags, NFC tags and PVC cards! “Secure Information, Excellent Quality, and responsible attitude” is our working principle GETSMART people are improving ourselves all the time and growing together with its clients and friends hand by hand. With our excellent reputation in the world, we have full confidence to be your best smart cards manufacturing partner in Asia, so please do not hesitate to contact our professional staff immediately. Getsmart will help you grow your business dramatically.

We are looking forward to providing our service to you. Contact us Now!




1.Can I use it on my phone?

Anyone phone can have a NFC bubble tag on it, but the phone you share with must be on this list of NFC enabled compatible-devices


2. Which models supports this NFC bubble tags?

Please contact our sales for the NFC enabled compatible-devices list


3.Does the phone of who you are sharing to need to have NFC?or just the 1 who is sharing the social medias

Yes, it requires the phone of who you are sharing to to have NFC. Most modern devices do!


MUST READ: Anyone can have a NFC bubble Tag on their phone, no matter what phone! So even if you don’t have a phone on this list, you can still use this NFC bubble tag! 




Note: Some Androids are compatible but have NFC turned off in phone settings! 


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CZPT roller chain

Founded in 1890, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance roller chain systems. The company focuses on power transmission, industrial production, and the aftermarket. The company uses the highest quality materials for its chains and carefully designs, manufactures, and assembles each component. With more than a century of experience, the company continues to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. This is evident in the chain’s name and logo.
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CZPT roller chains reflect many advancements in chain technology. Its components are shot-peened with a high-speed iron shot to maximize toughness and longevity. The chain is also factory preloaded, no need to stretch and adjust prematurely to tighten the chain. Ultimately, a high-quality CZPT roller chain will save you time and money. It is the most durable roller chain on the market. Although more expensive to produce, it will last longer.
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CZPT silent chain

The CZPT silent chain is an inverted gear that eliminates friction during articulation. It is also a non-slip durable chain. Its design can be customized to suit various industrial applications. It features a patented wear protection system including connecting links and stainless steel components. Here are some of its benefits. There are some pros and cons here.
The “CZPT” silent chain is driven by a motor through the PS-1 capsule. The chain runs quietly, won’t slip or seize anything, and needs regular lubrication to maintain peak performance. Heavy engine oil or cup grease is an ideal lubricant. The arrows marked on each link point in the direction the chain should move. Avoid using non-solids greases.
The company’s other products include a range of worm gear reducers. CZPT is committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. They also manufacture miter gear reducers, plastic belts, and conveyor chains. You can contact Dalton Bearing for more information on CZPT products. We will help you determine the right solution for your specific application. You can also contact us for more information about our product line.
The CZPT Quiet Chain range features unique “M” gauge pins with high surface hardness. It also features advanced chain assembly technology. The company manufactures CZPT timing chains for motorcycle applications in Japan. Its benefits include smooth and noise-free transmission. Also, it reduces the size. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for motorcycle engines. But be sure to consult an expert before buying.

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Competitor roller chain

Oil Field Roller Chains Market research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the market including macro and micro trends, pricing analysis, and strategic analysis of key competitors. It also includes an in-depth review of market trend innovations and key segment identification. It also provides insights into competitive scenarios and drivers driving the market growth. It also covers the latest trends and strategies for the future of the industry.
To understand the competitive landscape of the Oil Field Roller Chains market, the strengths and weaknesses of each leading manufacturer must be analyzed. One of the key measurements of a roller chain is tensile strength, which determines the ability to withstand a one-time load before breaking. Fatigue strength, on the other hand, represents the maximum load that a chain can withstand over a long period of time. By comparing these 2 performance metrics, you can determine the best brand and type for your specific requirements.

Application of roller chain

A roller chain is a simple mechanical power transmission system consisting of a series of short cylindrical rollers connected together by side links and driven by gears called sprockets. This simple, reliable, and efficient system is commonly used to convey materials and is ideal for many different applications. This type of chain is widely used in conveyors and bucket elevators and is available in a variety of power ratings and designs.
The most common drive chains are the single-strand standard series with power ratings ranging from 0.5 to 100 kW. Alternatively, the multi-strand model is a higher performance alternative that offers higher power capacity without increasing chain pitch or line speed. The other is the silent chain, also known as the inverted tooth chain. It is designed to be noiseless and to eliminate the negative effects of stretching. It rides on the teeth of the sprocket and its radius increases as it moves. It automatically corrects slight pitch changes. It also provides smooth, long-lasting service that runs smoothly.
A roller chain consists of 5 basic components: bushings, rollers, and pins. Each individual link is held together with a pin or bushing. The pin goes through a bushing in the inner link to prevent rotation. The advantages of roller chains make them 1 of the most efficient power transmission and conveying options. CZPT prides itself on its knowledge and experience in roller chain applications. Below are some common uses of roller chains.
Certain applications require less than ideal roller chain performance. To meet these challenges, manufacturers offer a variety of options. A self-lubricating chain can be used to keep the chain clean and reduce dust. Oil-contaminated chains can also be used for special applications. Other materials, such as stainless steel, can help retard corrosion and improve the wear resistance of the chain. Additionally, they can be used in a variety of environments, such as food processing machinery.

China wholesaler Instantly Contactless Sharing Social Media Lost Found Phone NFC Keychain     with high qualityChina wholesaler Instantly Contactless Sharing Social Media Lost Found Phone NFC Keychain     with high quality