Track Flexible chain of steel that can be used to create a curvature chain that is flexible

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Flexible Chain

Product Name
High-strength nylon tank chain
Working temperature
-40-130 ºC
Recommended gap
wearable, elastic, fireproof, self-lubricating.
Open side
Both side.


Applicable environment:

The nylon towline has a similar form similar to the tank chain composed of many units that rotate freely between chains. The height of the inner, outer height and pitch of identical drag chain are the same, however the height of the inner and bend radius r are able to be chosen in different ways. The unit chain consists of an left chain plate, an right chain plate, the upper plate for cover, and lower cover plates. Each component of the chain is removed without threading. When the cover has been opened cables as well as the pipelines for gas and oil are able to be inserted into the pull chain.

The most common uses for nylon drag chains include:

Nylon drag chains are suited for rotating motion. They can serve the purpose of traction as well as protection on the ground.

Inbuilt cable, pipes for oil water pipes, air pipes etc. The entire chain can be opened to make installation simple.

Low maintenance noise Wear resistance, low maintenance, rapid moving speed. Drag chains are commonly employed in CNC machines electronics, stone machines glass machinery door and window machinery and injection molding machines. manipulators, transportation and lifting equipment, automated warehouses and so on.

Flexible Chain Image


The benefits of Flexible Chain

Systems The capability to effortlessly modify the production level raw materials, raw material sources and shipping capacity can be extremely beneficial for companies. But, to realize this flexibility, it is necessary to use an AI powered supply chain management system.
In this research, the geometries of the form of flexible and semi-flexible chains using the nanopillars that are square that are parallel were studied using molecular dynamics simulations which are very coarsely and finely grained.

The endurance of the flexible chain is determined on the amount of bead (N) and the alloy, as well as its thickness as well as the weight and. For example, a #14 chain will break at 15 pounds, while a #25 chain breaks at 60 pounds. A #35 chain breaks when it weighs 120 pounds.

Every chain is subject to strain-strain curves that for tensile which show that strength increases quickly as the length of the chain grows. But, determining the connection between the length that the chain is and the strength of it isn't simple.

To determine the durability of the structure of chains that are restricted by an electric field that oscillates local-specific Mersenne value (denoted by the name Mnl) was determined as an independent control parameter. It reveals that the greatest stability in an oscillation time is found in mid-point of the chain.

Flexible chain systems can be utilized to transport products in a variety of styles straight and curving. This lets the system adjust to the manufacturing cells' design, ensuring a secure and safe flow of the product and reducing the risk of damaging the product.


A flexible supply chain for your next project could aid in increasing your efficiency, while also ensuring that the product will be delivered precisely where it's needed to be, and reduce the chance of damages. Flexible supply chains are an excellent way to minimize risk, particularly in the event that a major event such as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts your company.

Flexible chains can adapt to the natural fluctuation and ebb of a company, making it easier to manage risk and keep the business running efficiently. It's also useful when you need to grow or shrink your business because it lets you respond swiftly and efficiently.

Lightweight is the order of the moment for efficient logistics. This is especially relevant when it comes to getting products to customers within the proper time frame. It also helps reduce the operational expenses for the entire supply chain as it allows the supply chain to adapt to the changing requirements of the customers.

In this regard, the cable carriers of medium size that are part of the Igus E2/3500 series is specifically designed to carry out their tasks. The tops that swivel and the snap-open mechanism allows you to effortlessly take cargo off and put it on. This makes it an excellent alternative to conventional slow conveyors.

Flexible chain management with an igus E2/3500 is your most efficient way to reduce operating and maintenance costs while meeting the needs of customers. It comes in two lengths (0.9m or 1.8m) that work in all applications. To learn more about the product and obtain a quote, contact our team today. We're here to help boost efficiency and profits.

The process involves the acquisition and reusing waste materials to make new products. It is an essential part of the cycle economy, and aids in decreasing the amount of waste that gets being disposed of in landfills.