Table Top Flexible Chain Conveyor in Stainless Steel Flat Top Chain

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Flexible Chain

Product Name Flat Top Flexible Chain
Standard GB, ISO, ANSI, DIN
Material Carbon Steel, Alloy, Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment Heat treatment/Sand-blasted/Shot-peening
Certifications ISO9001:2015, GB/T19001-2016, ISO1400:2015
Tensile Strength High-strength
Packaging Plastic Bag, Carton and Wooden Case

Flexible Chain Image


What are the Benefits Of Flexible Chain Systems?

Flexibility in supply chains is the capability to easily alter production levels, raw material purchase and transport capacity is a huge benefit for businesses. But, to achieve this flexibility requires a supply-chain management platform that is built on artificial intelligence.

In this research the geometrical constraint imposed by an array of square nanoposts on the shape of semiflexible and flexible chains have been studied with the help of coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations.

The strength of a flexible chains is determined by how many beads (N) as well as the alloy utilized as well as the thickness and weight per length. For instance 14 gauge chains is broken at about 15 pounds and the 25 gauge chain breaks at 60 pounds and the 35 gauge chain will break at 120 pounds.

In flexible chain types, tension-strain curves indicate that strength increases quite quickly as the chain's length. However, it's not easy to figure out the relationship between size of chain and strength.

To evaluate the stability of a chain which is enclosed in an oscillating field it is necessary to determine the location of Mason number (denoted as Mnl) is used as a single controlling parameter. It is found that the most stable location is in the middle of the chain's flexible structure in an oscillating phase.

Flexible chain systems are utilized to move goods in different configurations, which include the straight lines and curvatures. This allows the system to be incorporated into the design of your production unit which ensures a secure and steady flow of product and minimizing damage to the product.

A flexible supply chain to complete your next project can aid in increasing efficiency, make sure your products arrive the place they are needed to be, and minimize the chance of spoilage. A flexible supply chain could lower liability, particularly when a major event, such as the COVID-19 epidemic affects your company.

Flexible chains can be modified to accommodate the natural flow of your business and makes it much easier to manage risk and help keep your business operating smoothly. It can also be useful when you require to expand or reduce your business operations because it allows you to react quickly and efficiently.

The lightness is the key word in terms of efficient logistics. This is particularly applicable to the delivery of goods within the appropriate time frame to your clients. This also aids in reducing the operating costs of the supply chain, by offering the flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of the needs of your customers.


In this sense Igus' E2/3500 series of medium-sized cable carriers are well-suited to the task. The swivel-top design, along with the snap-open mechanism makes it simple to unload and load your items. This makes it an excellent alternative to the traditional slow conveyors.

Utilizing the Igus E2/3500 to provide power to your supply chain is the most efficient method to cut down on operating and maintenance costs and still keep up with demand from customers. It comes in 2 lengths (0.9m as well as 1.8m) and can be used for a variety of applications. For more details or to inquire about a quotation get in touch with our helpful team now. We're here to help enhance your efficiency and boost the bottom line.

Recycle is acquiring and reusing materials from waste to make new products. It is an essential component of the circular economy that can help to reduce the amount of material that end being disposed of in landfills.

Many factors influence the capability that flexible plastic packaging can be reused, including the composition. This is why it's difficult for sorting machines at recycling facilities to distinguish the flexible packaging from other materials such like paper.