Small-width 2480gzm flexible chain top with rollers

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Flexible Chain

Benefits of the product:

1. It is simple to build and maintain.

2. All colors are offered

3. The conveyor belt has the capacity to be able to withstand a high strength mechanical

4. The conveyor belt offers excellent performance in handling products

5. This belt conveyor is durable and resistant to oil.

6. We are a reputable conveyor system manufacturer. Our product range is comprised of modular belts slat-top chains conveyor spare parts, conveyor systems.

7. We can offer a good after-sales services.

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dairy, bakery, fruit and vegetables

We have a wealth of experience creating customized solutions to meet the requirements of a variety of industries of baking including buns and breads and homemade pastries (oven and frittered) pizza and noodles (fresh or dried) and frozen bread, frozen pastries biscuits and biscuits our conveyors for material handling systems, conveyor belts and plastic conveyors are sure to blow your mind!

Meat Poultry Seafood

With conveyor belts and other accessories specifically designed to meet the needs of the fruit and vegetable processing and packaging We're committed to helping our clients achieve their business and operational goals.

Continue to create new and improved ways to help customers increase throughput efficiency as well as improve sanitation and decrease the cost of owning a conveyor belt.

Material handling Equipment Conveyor Systems Conveyor Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor Technology will tackle the specific needs of seafood processors.

The advantages from Flexible Chain Systems

The capability to easily alter the level of production, raw materials sources and shipping capacity -- has huge advantages for businesses. But, to achieve such flexibility will require an AI-powered supply chain planning system.

In this study the geometric constraints on the shape of semi-flexible and flexible chains with the square arrays of nanopillars that are parallel were investigated with molecular dynamics simulations that are coarsely grained.



The durability of the flexible chain is based upon the amount of beads (N) as well as the alloy as well as the thickness and weight per length. For instance the #14 chain is broken around 15 pounds and a #25 chain is broken at 60 lbs. A #35 chain will break at 120 pounds.

All chains are subject to strain-strain curves for tensile show that strength increases quite rapidly as the chain's length increases. But, determining the relation between the size of the chain and its strength isn't easy.

To evaluate the stability of chains' structure that are confined to an electromagnetic field that oscillates The locally-specific Mersenne value (denoted in the form Mnl) was calculated as a distinct control parameter. It shows that the best stability during an oscillation period is located near the middle of the flexible chain.


Flexible chain systems can be used to move products in a variety of designs, straight as well as curving. This allows the system to adjust to the manufacturing cell's layout, ensuring secure and reliable flow of product and minimizing the risk of damage to your product.

A flexible chain in your next project can assist you in increasing your efficiency, and ensure that the product is delivered to exactly where it is needed to be and limit the risk of damage. Flexible supply chains can be a great way to reduce liability, especially when a major event like the COVID-19 pandemic affects your business.

Flexible chains are able to accommodate the natural flow and ebb of the business making it easier to control risk and keep the company operating smoothly. It is also helpful when you have to expand or reduce your business, since it allows you to react swiftly and effectively.