TC-215 Flat chain custom drive belt flexible chain

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Flexible Chain

Has excellent comprehensive performance:

--long lasting;

--Transmission efficiency: over 98%;

-- Transmission speed: greater than 60m/s;

--Good flexibility and directionality;

--Good dimensional stability;

--Constant coefficient of friction.

High-Performance TC Belts

Polyester belt is constructed with a double-sided XNBR wear-resistant coating. This also has numerous excellent qualities and plays a significant role in maximizing the performance of machine production and efficiency. It is an ideal planar transmission belt option for a variety of production machines for yarn and transmission structures.

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The benefits of Flexible Chain Systems

The ability to change production levels, raw materials sources , and transport capacity can provide immense benefits for businesses. However, to attain this flexibility, you will need AI powered supply chain management system.

In this study , the geometry constraints that affect the form of the semi-flexible, flexible chain utilizing the nanopillars in square arrays that are parallel were studied by using molecular dynamics simulations that are extremely coarsely gritty.

The endurance of the flexible chain is determined on the amount of bead (N) and the alloy, as well as its thickness as well as the weight and. For example, a #14 chain breaks at 15 pounds, while a #25 chain breaks at 60 pounds. A #35 chain breaks around 120 pounds.


Flexible chains are susceptible to strain-strain curves that for tensile which show that strength increases quickly as the length of the chain grows. However, determining the relationship between the length that the chain is and the strength of it isn't an easy task.

To determine the strength of chains' structures that are subject by an electric field which oscillates local-specific Mersenne value (denoted by the name Mnl) was determined as an independent control parameter. It reveals that the greatest stability in an oscillation time is close to center of the chain.

Flexible chain systems are able to move goods in a variety of styles straight and curving. This lets the system adapt to the manufacturing cell's design, ensuring a secure and safe movement of products and minimizing the chance of causing damage to the product.

A flexible supply chain for your next project will aid in increasing your efficiencyand also ensure that the product gets placed precisely where it's needed to be, and reduce the possibility of damages. Flexible supply chains are an excellent way to minimize risk, particularly in the event that a major event such as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts your company.

Flexible chains can adapt to the natural fluctuations and flow of company, making it easier to manage risks and ensure that the business is functioning efficiently. It can also be helpful in times of needing to expand or decrease your company's size, because it lets you respond quickly and efficiently.

Lightweight is the order of the moment for efficient logistics. This is especially true when it comes to getting items to customers in an proper timeframe. This also helps in reducing the operating expenses in the supply chain through allowing more flexibility in order to meet the evolving requirements of the customers.

In this way, the cable carriers of medium size that are part of the Igus E2/3500 series is perfectly designed to fulfill their tasks. The tops that swivel and snap-open mechanism allow you to easily remove and load your cargo. This makes it an ideal alternative to slow conveyors.


Supply chain management with an Igus E2/3500 is the ideal solution to cut down on operating and maintenance costs while meeting the needs of customers. It comes in two lengths (0.9m or 1.8m) that work with any application. To learn more about the product and obtain a quote, contact our team today. We're here to help improve efficiency and increase profits.

The process involves buying and reusing waste materials to make new products. It is an essential element of the cycle economy, and aids in decreasing the quantity of waste being disposed of in landfills.